Ein Hintergrund in Form eines langgezogenen Schildes im Vintage-Stil.

Meet Miss Violet Needleturn

Just to let you know, with whom you are dealing here, I would like to introduce myself briefly on this page.


Ein farbiger Strich als Hintergrund hinter dem Text.

Violet Needleturn

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I learned to knit in elementary school and have never stopped “doing it myself” since then. After years of knitting and crocheting, I finally ended up in the sewing shop. Whether it's patchwork, Japanese embroidery, historical tailoring, the production of twisted buttons or the "pimping up" of finished clothes: if it has to do with needle and thread, I want to learn it.


My heart is particularly attached to "forgotten techniques", such as frivolity work or specialties such as relief embroidery or lace-making. My bookshelf is full of books of unskilled techniques, there is always more to learn.


Why this page?


Every year Earth Overshoot Day moves further forward on the calendar.


If we want to keep the earth as a liveable planet, we have to start to become active again ourselves.

We have lost touch with our clothes, live on fast fashion and are helpless when a button falls off.

In order to lead a more sustainable life, people need to be able to help themselves again.


This is my mission.

Portrait Photo von Miss Violet Needleturn.