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How tiny can one sew?

Last week I showed you my patchwork video.

The piece sewn there is actually part of a quilt that is quite famous among patchworkers and is considered to be very ambitious. On the one hand because its individual parts are quite small and on the other hand because there are 2954 pieces of these small parts that need to be put together to make the quilt.

I've had this quilt on my wish-list for a long time, but so far I haven't been able to bring myself to tackle it. But when I finished this first rosette last week, I had an idea.

I wondered if I could sew this smaller too. I still have a lot of small scraps of patchwork fabric that would never be enough for a large quilt, but intended for a small one.

So I tried to see if the whole thing could be sewn in a third of the size. The reference edge length would then be just one instead of three centimeters.

And lo and behold: it works!

A fun side effect of sewing very small things: you actually get used to the small size and are gradually able to sew even smaller. In principle, the limit is only the seam allowance, which unfortunately can dissolve when sewing if it only consists of a few threads.

In any case, it was exciting to pick up the original size after the mini rosette. Suddenly it looked HUGE!


Miss Violet

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