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Invisible hand stitches, made easy!

Or: What really matters when sewing by hand.

Got you!

Would you like your hand stitches to be perfect, invisible and ideally similar to a machine seam?

May I ask you something?

Why? Why do you want this?

I would like to share my perhaps unpopular opinion with you here.

Visible seams are beautiful!

When I look at a piece of clothing, a quilt or a patch on a pair of trousers and there are hand-sewn seams, then I am happy. That's when you see me with the tip of my nose half an inch above the object so I can marvel at the stitches.

Someone sat there, invested time, skill and love to create something. Probably stabbed his hand 3-5 times and still carried on.

In a world in which the hyper-computerized sewing machines will soon be so far that you only have to throw the piece of fabric into a large funnel at the top and a finished dress comes out below, handwork has become valuable and rare. It is not for nothing that there are now machines that are supposed to imitate the valuable hand stitches such as the sashiko machine from a large sewing machine company that imitates the even running stitches of Japanese art.

Moreover, why should you quilt a quilt by hand when there are programmable long-arm machines that automatically hammer your all-over pattern onto your prepared quilt? The best thing to do is to buy the digitized quilt pattern with the ready-made craft kit, then luckily all quilts will be the same. That was irony.

So why not prove "courage to show the stitches"?

You might say, "but my stitches are so uneven!" And you think they just don't look nice. Well, there is a simple trick. You can just help yourself if you want to have even spacing. You can draw a "ruler" on your finger to orientate yourself on the lines. The rest is practice and patience.

This way you can be sure that your stitches will be even and that the people who will later admire your work will wonder how you managed to do it so wonderfully.

What do you think?

Are stiches not worth being seen?

Write me your thoughts in the comments!

Miss Violet

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